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You have been awakened in a testing facility that specializes in determining if people should go to heaven or hell.  But the building is empty only the guarding robots remain. Those robots will try to kill you when you are in sight.  

There are some more elements to the story but they are not in the game yet.


This is a VR shooter inspired by Portal, The Good Place and is set in my hometown Rotterdam.  The game was made By A.M van der Meer in cooperation with Jared Feeley AKA Delicious Salad, without him the game would have been less awesome. 


3D Art, Game Design, Level Design and Story 

A.M. van der Meer

AI, Guns, Health and other code 

Jared Feeley


Jamie de Maertelaere

Controls (Vive)

Press the touchpad and swing your arms to walk. Press both and you will run.

Press the trigger to climb if your hands are empty.

Trigger button to pick up weapons and grip to drop them. 

To store the weapon in your inventory drop them just under your stomach.

All feedback will be appreciated.  But only if it is constructive. Please post bugs you find in the comment section of the devlog.

Ps, I like to add easter eggs in my games.

Pps, I have added grappling hooks to a random spot on the map if you find them you can spiderman between the buildings. There is one hint in the game on how to get there.


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