A downloadable game for Windows

This project is based on a 2d spiderman game and the game is still under construction.



(3D)Art by A.M. van der Meer

Game Design by A.M. van der Meer

Code by A.M. van der Meer

VR Expansion Plugin by Joshua Statzer



Press the touch pad and swing your arms to move.

Grip button to grab.

Trigger to shoot tethers.


Bugs Found

- Game opens wrong level (Part of a level I forgot to remove from a previous game) on boot. 

- Forgot to add an exit button in level quiting from the steamVR side should work just fine.

- Left tether shoots backwards for some reason.

Did you find any bugs please message me on https://twitter.com/AMvanderMeer There I will respond the fastest. I will post progress there too.

Install instructions

Unzip and run the .exe and in the itch.io app just install and run.


GJ03 1.0.zip 132 MB


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Before comenting bugs please read if they are already posted.